Efamol Woman Pure Evening Primrose Oil 500mg 90 Capsules


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Efamol Evening Primrose Oil 500mg 90 Capsules are one of the most potent evening primrose oil supplements available. They contain rich levels of the omega-6 nutrient GLA (Gamma Linolenic Acid) which helps to maintain hormonal balance and healthy looking hair, skin and nails. In fact these capsules contain 33% more GLA than most other evening primrose oil supplements, which comes in the form most effectively absorbed and utilised by the body. Also included is vitamin E for it’s antioxidant properties which protect and repair the skin. 90 Capsules. Food supplement. Contains 33% more rich levels of GLA. Includes antioxidant, vitamin E. Maintains hormonal balance via prostaglandin metabolism. Maintains healthy looking hair, skin + nails. Maintains peripheral nerve health. Free from artificial colours & preservatives.

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