G Fuel Pink Drip Tub (40 Servings) Elite Energy and Endurance Formula



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G FUEL Energy – Pink Drip Flavour (40 servings 280g)G Fuel Energy is the ‘top player’ when it comes to natural energy drinks that provide enhanced focus and endurance when you need it most without any crashbasically it’s OP!!Like any ‘game’ changing product G Fuel was created out of a desperate need for something better When you’ve been playing COD eating chips and listening to T-Pain for 12 hours straight you can start to tire you stop levelling up and may even ‘gulp’ not make the top 3 in the scoreboard (unacceptable!)! Rather than restoring your lifeblood with a sugar filled energy drink that causes a quick spike but follows with a horrible crash G Fuel provides clean delicious energy that keeps you going through your hardest sessionsinspired bywelll havin’ ‘The Drip’ – the swagger the sauuuce if you will! Pluus Pink too!? – Yuuup Pink & Super Mix-y! This Pink Fruit Chew Candy Flavour! Think – StarburstChewits! Thirst quenching and SUPER refreshing don’t let tired eyes and mind get youknock back a scoop and prepare to feel the energy focus!!The full G Fuel Energy range is made for everyoneelf wizard machine! Every flavour is sugar-free fat free has just 25 calories per serving and has a reinforced formula to enhance all your statsEnergy Complex – Taurine L-Citrulline Malate Caffeine (140mg) Glucuronolactone N-Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCL forget 1-up mushrooms if Mario had a scoop of G Fuel Bowser would be in the lava within no time!0 Sugar – Sugar makes you weak! – Master Chief – Avoid crashing mid boss fight or set without compromising on the flavourFocus ( reaction) Amino-Fortified – L-Tyrosine Choline Bitartrate N-Acetyl-L- Tyrosine Adenosine-5 Triphosphate Disodium Salt (ATP) Focus is crucial for destroying your enemies both online and offline!Packed With Antioxidants & Vitamin Fortified – 26mg of antioxidants from 19 fruits and vitamins B C & EForget your poison resistance cape G Fuel is packed with antioxidants and essential vitamins that stop you from missing those crucial workout sessions and Mario Kart marathons!The fun doesn’t stop there folks our ‘stripes’ were drawn to the amazing range of craaaazy sweet flavours from arcade flavours like Sour Pixel Potion to limited editions collaborations with KSIand PewDiePie!Renowned for ALLLL the R’s – Ramen Ranting Realness ‘Raging FaZe Jev’ has now got his very own Swedish Fish gummies inspired RAGIN GUMMY FISH flavour! Going above and beyond even the tub has his signature patented pink headset fashion on his FAV fish shaped gummies!Why G Fuel Energy – Pink Drip?!40 Servings per tub25 Calories per serving0g SugarFatAmino and antioxidant fortifiedEpic flavour rangeWhether you’re stacking points stacking weights; work or play G Fuel helps you level up and get at it 247! Ready playerGO!!G-Fuel Energy – (40 serve) – Pink Drip InformationServing size 1 scoop (7g)Servings per Container 40

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