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HealthAid Prostavital Capsules are suitable for men who want to provide nutritional support to their prostate and for those who wish to nourish their reproductive system. Can also be used by men who have difficulties urinating due to inflammation. Health Aid Prost l Capsules contain a unique combination of Saw Palmetto, Nettle, Pygeum & Pumpkin Seed Oil to help maintain a healthy prostate. Health Aid’s formula is also enriched with vitamins, minerals and amino acids for maximum effect with helping to maintain a healthy prostate gland, decreasing prolactin and cholesterol and reducing intake, maintaining a healthy urinary tract and preventing oxidative damage. Health Aid Prost l Capsules are particularly beneficial to men who want to pr nutritional support and maintain a healthy prostate, who want to take care of their reproductive system and men who have difficulties with urinating and inflammation.

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